Water harvesting is an effective method in reducing water bills and minimizing water wastage. We are one of the only service agents in Melbourne’s West licensed to install the Rain Saver ‘rain to main’ changeover pump device to our clients.

Melbourne Storm Water Harvesting And Retention Systems

It is becoming increasingly important for commercial and industrial enterprises to develop sustainable strategies to reduce the overall impact to the environment. Industrial stormwater harvesting is an extremely cost effective method of achieving this goal, with the added benefit of deflating bills and reduced water consumption. The need to collect, store, filter and reuse rainfall from storms or other environmental phenomena is becoming very crucial nowadays. McCarthy Plumbing Group’s stormwater harvesting systems help companies save water and money.

McCarthy Plumbing Group’s commercial rainwater harvesting systems are easy to install, maintain and operate. They are not only cost efficient, but you can also save on water consumption and bills. Not to forget the fact that you are also saving the environment.

Storm Water Harvesting and Retention Systems

The advantages of our commercial storm water harvesting include:
Reduced water consumption:
The harvested water can be easily reusable in various systems as well. This automatically saves on water consumptions and bills.

Quick and convenient installation

The installations of our systems are done exclusively by skilled experts who are thoroughly experienced and can provide important and specific guidelines to you, which may come in handy during day-to-day operation. The equipment is all thoroughly tested and certified. For rainwater tanks Melbourne, call us today.

Customised and tailored to your specific requirements

McCarthy Plumbing Group understand your requirements and we know there are specific needs in some cases. Our designs and systems come in various sizes and options. So we can make it tailored so as to suit your own needs and requirements.

Client Case Study

We have installed various eco-friendly water saving systems with our long-time clients at the Werribee Carwash including rainwater storage and diversion tanks, a bore water pipe treatment system, a second automated water saving car wash and an upgrade of pumps and metering systems to ensure the carwash is using water efficiently. We also installed various fire services and water harvesting systems in place for the upgrade at Inglis Oakland Horse Auction complex.