Factory Fitouts

Factory Fit Out Solutions

Offering service to the greater part of Melbourne and Geelong regions of Victoria, we at McCarthy Plumbing Group Services are fully trained and experienced to take care of new installations, existing replacements and repairs for any type of factory or commercial enterprise.

We are licensed to carry out multifarious factory fit out solutions.

Our services include:


All types of civil works

  • Sewer construction, drainage, main repairs etc
  • Sanitary drainage, water pipeline repairs, constructions etc


Comprehensive Roofing Services

  • Installation of new roofs, re-roofing.
  • Roof repairs
  • Installation, maintenance and replacements of fascia, tiles, downpipes etc.


  • Any type of drain unblocking
  • Complete drain cleaning
  • CCTV drain survey and diagnosis
  • Drain repairs and solutions.
  • Installation of in-ground stormwater drainage
  • Stormwater drainage system blockage removal.
  • Installation, testing and servicing of subsoil drainage systems

Stormwater requirements, water harvesting and retention systems

  • Complete installation of tailor-made stormwater harvesting systems
  • Complete installation of tailor-made rainwater harvesting systems
  • Repairs, maintenance of water harvesting systems.


Gas fitting services and solutions

  • Inspection, repairs and solution for gas leaks
  • Alteration, servicing, testing and maintenance of existing systems
  • Installation of new systems specializing in Natural Gas and LPG services with ESV sign off

Backflow Prevention device installation and testing

  • Installation of latest backflow devices
  • Testing and comprehensive maintenance of backflow devices


General plumbing services

  • Comprehensive sanitary plumbing services
  • Emergency repairs, new installations, leak repairs and maintenance
  • Hot or warm water installation, testing and repairs


Fire hydrant system

  • Pump installation
  • Testing, repairs and scheduled maintenance.

Underground cold water system installation, service and maintenance

Above and below ground sewer connection services and testing

Liaise and coordinate equipment manufacturers during the fit out stage

  • Proper planning and project management
  • Cost and time management
  • Proper contract administration


Fit-out of staff amenities which include factory standards and workspace

We can assist you with everything from a small factory alteration or expansion ideas to comprehensive planning and implementation of a total factory fit out solution.

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