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Commercial and Residential Developments

Our Director and Projects Operations Manager have worked separately and together on tier 1 plumbing projects in Perth, London, Cape Town and in Melbourne and have a vast amount of experience in effective plumbing construction management.

Our comprehensive services include:
Design and Construction:

  • Planning, layout and initial design of full plumbing systems which includes piping network, sewerage systems, drainage, water harvesting systems, backflow management systems etc.
  • Construction of the planned and designed systems on time for the multi-unit developments.

Civil Works:

  • Main repairs, full sewer construction and drainage for multi-unit developments.
  • Sanitary drainage services.
  • Pipeline repairs and construction.

Comprehensive service and maintenance:

  • We will be there to assist you from the first concept sketch till the completion of the whole project.

Latest technology:

  • We value proper communication and quality of work. We provide our clients with the latest technology for a cost effective solution and outcome.

For immediate response, please call us on 03 9931 0905.

Commercial and Residential Developments

Water harvesting systems:

  • Tailor made designs for storm and rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Installation of brand new harvesting systems.
  • Emergency repair, service and maintenance of existing systems.

Gas fitting services:

  • Comprehensive gas fitting services including inspection, testing and repair of leaks, burst pipes etc.
  • Replacement of existing systems and installation of brand new systems for both natural gas and LPG.


  • Design and construction of drains.
  • Drain repairs and scheduled maintenance.
  • Emergency drain unblocking services.
  • Emergency drain unblocking services.
  • CCTV locator services.
  • Stormwater drain system blockage removal.
  • Grease trap repair services, testing, maintenance and full installation.

Hot and Cold water systems

  • Installation of both hot and cold water systems for multi-unit developments.
  • Repair and testing of existing systems.
  • Scheduled maintenance programs.