McCarthy Plumbing Group plumbers all wear roof harnesses and have completed working at heights certification before setting foot on your roof to ensure their safety, and yours. We’re no cowboys when it comes to plumbing and our commitment to safety shows our dedication to our team; happy plumbers ensure happy clients.

Roof And Gutter Repairs

Out of sight, out of mind? Often the source of hidden plumbing problems, regularly cleaning or replacing your broken gutters can ensure you wont have any future roof problems. Too late? We can help. Our award winning plumbers all receive working at heights training when they join our team and each receive a harness to ensure their safety while providing solutions to your roofing problems.

Our roof experts can provide gutter cleans, repair roof leaks and repair entire roofs and gutters when required. Our initial investigation includes a detailed report, documented by pictures to help you understand the current condition of your roof, and pricing options depending on your budget.

We can also provide non-intrusive leak detection on your property. With infrared Leak Detection devices, we quickly detect problem areas that can’t be seen by naked eyes. Our end-to-end infrared inspection procedure will not only address hidden water leaks by also pinpoint energy leaks, electronic leaks and unseen pests that have made a home here. At McCarthy Plumbing Group, gutter and roof repair specialists begin with complete infrared diagnosis procedures to:

  • Detect water leaks
  • Detect plumbing issues
  • Detect pests & rodent nests
  • Measure energy efficiency
  • Detect moisture that cannot be reached with moisture meters.

We have a wide range of clientele and strive to provide superior roof and gutter repairs, maintenance and replacement solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of every client, residential or commercial. Contact us today for a roof investigation. For information on what to do if your roof leaks, have a read of our blog here.

We are Point Cook roof repair specialists, and can provide roof investigation reports for insurance brokers, owners, landlords and property managers.

What do I do if my roof is leaking?