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Burst Pipes and Water Leaks

Burst Pipes are inconvenient and stressful and are almost always a huge shock to our clients. If you have a burst pipe or water leak in your home or garden, our team of plumbers can repair your pipe fast to minimize any damage to your home.

If you have a water leak or burst pipe in your home and can assess the damage without causing injury or harm to yourself (and cause too much damage to your property), try to quickly inspect where in the pipe the burst is coming from. Then turn off your water from your mains supply.

How do you turn your mains water supply off? Look for a lever/handle next to the water meter at the front of your home. Turn the lever so that it is 90 degrees to the meter (or clockwise as far as it can go).

What can cause water pipes to burst? Sometimes they can be cause by a lot of pressure built up due to a blockage somewhere down the pipeline. Foreign objects flushed down the toilet, oils and fats tipped down the sink, tree roots growing in the pipes can all cause blockages and thus pressure build ups in the pipeline.

Another cause of a burst pipe is someone digging in the wrong spot and hitting a pipe causing water to burst out. This often happens when landscapers or home gardeners dig without knowing where pipes are in the garden area.

In colder climates water can also freeze in the pipeline which can also cause that inconvenient build up of water pressure.

Water leaks can be caused by simply having ageing tapware or fittings that require repairs or replacement, or tapware not installed correctly or tight enough. Flexi hoses for example are common materials that require replacing often so they don’t burst.

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