The danger that is carbon monoxide

The danger that is carbon monoxide

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is ‘an odourless and colourless gas caused by the incomplete combustion of carbon’. CO poisoning occurs as the carbon molecules replace the oxygen molecules in blood.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Light symptoms range from headaches and nausea to severe symptoms such as cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) eventually ending in death.

Sources of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide can arise from any gas appliance including

– Gas heaters
– Clothes dryers
– Fireplaces
– Wood stoves
– Gas stoves
– Furnaces/boilers

The Chase and Tyler foundation

Who are they?

In 2011 Vanessa Robinson, mum of two woke one day to find her two sons Chase 8 and Tyler 6 has passed away over night from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a gas heater lacking in maintenance. Ever since, Vanessa has been raising awareness and knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning through her foundation, begging home owners, landlords and any individual with involvement with gas appliances to ensure they are regularly serviced and maintained.

Treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning

The immediate treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning is relocating the effected individual to a place of purely fresh air to enforce the replacement of carbon monoxide (CO) molecules with oxygen. Further treatment may involve hyperbaric oxygen therapy which replaces CO molecules at a much more rapid pace, to increase the speed of recovery.


There a several ways in which carbon monoxide poisoning can be reduced including:

– Ensuring all gas appliances are installed correctly
– Yearly maintenance on the appliances
– Installation of electrochemical CO sensor alarms
– Ensuring the appliances are cleaned regularly
– Never install an appliance unless fully qualified
– Never leave a vehicle running in a closed space

How can the plumbers at DMP help?

Plumbers as well as gas fitters can assess any damages or leaks the gas appliances may have, as well as detecting the level of CO molecules in the air. If deemed unsafe, the appliances gas supply must be cut to remove the further risk involved.

Not all plumbers are experienced in the prevention and assessment of carbon monoxide, however the DMP boys are. They have undergone a professional training course delivered by the Master Plumbers Association of Victoria and Energy Safe Victoria in the testing of CO and are highly capable and trusted to ensure your family’s safety.

Call David and his team of highly capable and qualified plumbers at 0477 035 473 to check your gas appliances and ensure yours and your family’s safety.