CCTV Camera & Locator Services

CCTV Camera & Locator Services

The introduction of CCTV cameras and locators has made modern plumbing, more efficient and effective when locating the source of blocked pipes and drains. With state-of-the-art equipment, McCarthy Plumbing Group can locate, repair and fix any such issues. We have the required technical know how, the right equipment and a competent workforce to determine the underground positions of water systems, or to locate any problems developing in the piping network irrespective of the nature of pipeline. Our expertise covers all sorts of pipes and mediums, be it water, chemicals, stormwater systems, electrical systems, gas as well as other cable locating services.

Our up-to-date CCTV cameras and radio equipment enable us to locate such troubleshooters and thus, we are able to satisfy you with a hassle-free and comprehensive service. No matter what your location is, whether the leak is on the inside or outside, we can resolve your blocked drain issue.

Our working steps include

Insertion of CCTV cameras for locating:
These cameras are inserted through an open pipe near the shut-off valve, and it will continuously send back live images to the inspecting crew posted on the site.

Repairing and servicing:
After locating the fault or the issue, our expert plumbers will repair and service the fault.

Unclogging and maintenance:
We also do unclogging and maintenance of the whole system if and when required.

Regular routine checkups:
Scheduled checkups are a part of our service programs. This ensures proper functioning of the whole system for a long time to come, including overhauling.

Our professional pipe locating specialists will not only save you money but also prevent any further complications.

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