Bathroom Renovation tips – Blog 4

Let’s make a plan!

Remember our previous blogs in the Point Cook bathroom renovation series? We’re now at the end of our renovation guide now (you can always catch up here, here and here to get up to speed 😉).

Once your budget is finalised and your style is chosen you’re ready to make a plan.

First, let’s sort out the structure and layout of your new bathroom. Your tradies will need to know a rough idea of your home and area before they can give you a quote.

Is your home single or double storey? Is your home on a slab or on stumps? Are your fixtures and appliances staying in the same place or being moved to new locations? Keeping fixtures in the same ‘footprint’ saves a lot of money as it is less time you are paying for the tradies to change locations/cut concrete etc.

Have you got all of your fixtures and fittings ordered/delivered? Go into your local Bunnings, Reece, plumbing suppliers, Beacon etc and see products in the flesh and have a play around with them. Anything made to order can take weeks or even months so should be ordered well in advance to starting your project.

Always use Australian standard approved products, and only new products/appliances with warranties attached. Do you have a desired end date you would like, or need, the project to be completed by? Is it before Christmas when your Granny is due to stay? Or is it your investment property you have up for sale so the sooner the better?

Having an expected end date will give your tradie a deadline that they can either except, decline, or manage the client’s expectation on (this is where the deadlines on The Block don’t do us tradies in the real world many favours!).

Now it’s time for us at McCarthy Plumbing Group to come in… it’s time to choose your tradies to execute your dream bathroom. You need to choose those who you get along with, and who you can trust. Not only that, you must ensure your chosen dream team are licensed and insured.

McCarthy Plumbing Group are not only trusted and local plumbers, we also have a team of dedicated tradies we work with on our renovation projects including electricians, builders, tilers and waterproofers.

Give us a call today on 9931 0905 or visit and we can discuss your new bathroom and make your vision a reality.