Gas Leaks

Quality Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services

Gas leaks are common problem that occurs in both residences and businesses. A gas leak may cause major disruption and may often be fatal too. We at McCarthy Plumbing Group have the experience and advanced equipment to locate even the smallest gas leak. From standard pressure testing techniques to gas detectors, we detect gas leaks effectively with minimum disruption and in a non-invasive manner.

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • High gas bills
  • The pungent smell of gas in your office or home
  • You hear a hissing sound coming from gas appliances
  • Bubbling in a moist area due to gas leak outside the home

McCarthy Plumbing Group is a certified and professional gas leak and repair company. We provide extremely prompt and reliable gas leak repairs in Melbourne city and surrounds. We guarantee that your potentially dangerous gas leak will be repaired to avoid any potential damage or health risk to your family.

24/7 Gas Leak Emergency Services

Our professional and licensed gas leak detectors work to accommodate the needs of their commercial and residential customers immediately. We provide around-the-clock emergency gas leak detection and repair services at competitive prices.

Our gas leak detection and repair services include

  • Gas leak in room heater
  • Gas leak in oven
  • Gas leak in cooktops
  • Gas leak in Hot water systems

What Should You Do

If you detect the pungent scent of gas, you should turn off the main gas supply valve to your home. Open all doors and windows in order to dissipate the gas, and avoid creating any type of spark or flame that may ignite the gas. Immediately contact our gas leak detection and repair experts for assistance.

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