Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow, quite simply as the name suggests, is the backward motion of water, in the direction opposite to where it was meant to be headed. This is a great problem as it can lead to contamination which tends to worsen over time, causing some serious safety as well as health hazards, if overlooked. And as per the building codes in Australia, there should not be any trace of backflow inside an inhabited building. So to achieve this standard, we at McCarthy Plumbing Group offer regular checkups, followed up with necessary maintenance.

The single most way to prevent backflow in any building- be it a factory or a commercial outfit, is to use some preventive devices. During any construction, building codes mandate the use of preventive devices so as to ensure that the quality of water is on par with the Government standards. But what usually happens is that these initially installed devices tend to fail completely and eventually backflowing sets in degrading the water quality.

Our reliable and skilled technicians are always up to the task of taking care of all the issues regarding backflow. They are extremely competent and possess the required technical know how about almost everything on this score. They can diagnose, treat and obviate issues affecting these backflow devices in no time!

Our prevention services include:

  • Testing and Inspection.
  • Installation of preventive devices.
  • Regular checkups.
  • Repairs, Servicing and a comprehensive maintenance of all plumbing
    equipment, including devices, piping and related components.

We believe that our services will ensure that further breakdowns or failures do not happen over time. It will prevent problems from arising in the first place and that, we believe, is the best way you can deal with any issue.

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