Backflow Prevention Device

Backflow Prevention Device

For commercial property owners with portable water storage, backflow prevention devices are a necessity. A backflow prevention device works by re-directing dirty water into a reservoir that is separate from your clean water source. An example would be a swimming pool, without a backflow prevention device a swimming pool would re-direct the dirty water into your main water line. This is of course something that you want to avoid at all costs, there exist many forms of backflow prevention and depending on your particular need the regulatory requirements surrounding your installation may vary.

No matter the scale of your business, a backflow prevention device could save your livelihood. Contamination and health risks are among the top concerns when it comes to an unsecured source of water being intertwined with your main plumbing line. A self-contained water system often times has its own method of filtering dirt through the supply source for its own use however when it comes to discarding of the waste material most systems don’t have a built-in backflow device.

The most common type of backflow prevention is an air gap. Air gaps are simply small open spaces between the main plumbing line and any secondary water storage facility that runs into your business. It uses water to redirect and neutralize any contaminants in order to keep them out of your main supply.

Other forms of backflow prevention often include a dedicated pressurized valve system. A pressurized valve system uses a variety of moving components in order to facilitate the process of filtering contaminants from your water supply. These types of systems will require regular inspection and maintenance which is one thing to keep in mind. Many business owners who are in locations which prevent the effective use of an air gap system will have to opt for the pressurized valve option.

Backflow prevention is very critical to any business that provides access to running water for their customers. IF you need an external backflow management system installed on your property then contact a commercial plumbing company, like McCarthy Plumbing Group.