Appliance Installations

Appliance Installations

McCarthy Plumbing Group is a one stop platform for all your appliance installation solutions. Our service is spread across Melbourne and some parts of Geelong as well. Our appliance installers, apart from being fully licensed and certified, are expert electricians and plumbers thus taking care of all your appliance installations, repairs and maintenance like no other. Appliance installation, whether totally new or an upgrade of the existing one, requires significant technical know-how as it involves wiring and, most importantly, proper fitting. Our expert installers can set up and install your new appliances in your home, saving you the trouble of setting them up yourselves. They will not only save you time but also spare you a lot of hassles. Our installers can install brand new appliances just where you need and can also install appliances replacing old ones.

Our services

  • Emergency services whenever required.
  • Brand new appliance installations in your home. It includes unboxing, wiring,
    fitting and finishing. We leave only after the appliance is tested and is
    fully functional.
  • Replacement of backdated appliances with latest ones.
  • Repair of any appliance and replacement only if needed.
  • Comprehensive maintenance services of appliances
  • Regular inspection and suggestion of preventive measures against incidental
    snags through usage, if any.
  • Demonstration of new appliances so that you can use it perfectly.
  • Expert advice on what appliance best suits your exact needs, how to use it so
    as to enhance its life span etc.

Any type of installations from TV, air conditioners, kitchen equipment like dishwashers, ovens, cooking appliances, dryers etc you name it we do everything. We are committed to excellence and we go that extra mile for you. Our support team is always ready for all your queries 24/7.

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